White Chocolate Valentine's Pretzels
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White Chocolate Valentine’s Pretzels

We didn’t grow up living near my grandparents, but their visits were always packed with excitement and memories. When I was around eight years old, their visit happened to fall near Valentine’s Day, and we did that year’s Valentine’s up big! My parents let us leave our Christmas tree up because we reeeaaally wanted them to see it and we re-decorated it with cut-out snowflakes in January and hearts in February. They must have been so ready to see that tree come down by the end of February. The things parents will do for their kids. ha!

Making Valentine's Pretzels with Papa, as kids.
Papa, Victoria and myself making our first Valentine’s pretzels

When my grandparents arrived in Virginia all the way from California, my grandpa had come prepared with a Valentine’s treat that he wanted to make with us. I guess you could say that these Valentine’s pretzels, turned chocolate-covered hearts, became a sentimental tradition between Papa, my sister and myself. We would often make them and mail them to each other on years when we weren’t together.

Close up of M&M's and sprinkles

This year, I decided to pull out this Valentine’s tradition for the first time in many years, and give them to my grandma for her birthday, packaged in a cute little tin. She opened that tin, looked at me with tears in her eyes and said one word, “Papa.” Those little white pretzel hearts hold the same meaning for her as they do for me. The memory of my grandpa.

Let’s Make Some Yummy Valentines

This is a great treat for little helping hands too! They will love putting on the M&M’s or sprinkles.

All you need are mini pretzels, Valentine M&M’s, white chocolate for melting, and parchment paper. No baking involved!

White chocolate chips, bowl of pretzels, and bowl of M&M's.

Warm your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, stirring every 30 seconds until it is smooth and liquid-y. Be careful not to burn it! Drop a handful of pretzels in the chocolate and stir them around with a fork until they are covered. Using your fork, fish out the pretzels and let the excess chocolate drip off before placing them on the parchment paper.

Dipping pretzels in white chocolate

Make sure to stop intermittently to put on your toppings before the chocolate hardens, or it won’t stick. I had only ever done M&M’s on top in the past, but I do think that the sprinkles look a little prettier (even though they aren’t as tasty!). The chocolate in your bowl may start to harden as you are working, but just throw it back in the microwave to re-melt it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope this brightens up your day or maybe even someone else’s who you might send these little sweet and salty hearts to. XOXO

Hand reaching for finished white chocolate Valentine's pretzels.
I used these sprinkles and they were perfect!
Close up of crystal and heart sprinkles

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  • Iris

    I made these with my 3-year-old daughter just before Valentine’s Day, and they were a hit! So much better for a toddler’s attention span than, say, those Christmas cut-out cookies that you have to make, bake, ice, and decorate. They turned out super cute, and she enjoyed giving some to our pastor and her Sunday School Teacher, since V-Day fell on a Sunday. Thanks for the recipe! Oh, and my dad (her grandpa) joined in the fun, too. I hope Elisabeth has sweet (pun intended) memories with her grandpa, just like you do!

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