Spice labels on spice jars
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Spice Labels Re-Freshed

We have had to get pretty creative with space and storage in our 550 square foot apartment. Chris has been incredible at this, and his idea to hang a spice rack in the kitchen was just one of many. I was apprehensive that it would just feel utilitarian, cramped and cluttered in a small space. There was no doubt that we would need to do something about the presentation of these spices and the various spice labels.

I pretty much always put aesthetic and functionality at the same level of importance. (I would definitely ask you what color your car was before I asked what kind of car it was.) But with very limited cabinets there wasn’t much of an option, and honestly, it was a great idea. Chris always tells me that no matter how great the idea, I always have to question it first. Anyone else like this?! I just want to make sure it is the best option, but I allllmost always come around.

I had a vision from the day we purchased those perfectly sized little spice rack shelves that we would need to do a re-vamp of the spice labels to bring the visual chaos level down. The idea started with switching all the spices to one matching brand, but then I realized that I didn’t want store labels at all and I definitely wasn’t going to dish out money to buy all new spices. After all, we are still working on consolidating mine and Chris’s spices from before we got married!

Spice labels and spices

Instead, I bought an old school label maker and started looking at which jars I wanted to purchase. But again, I had another moment of, ‘wait, why am I going to buy something for this project?’ I had perfectly good spice jars and almost all of them were glass. Thanks for that Trader Joe’s.

label maker

I transferred my spices into temporary containers, making sure to print out new spice labels so I didn’t confuse them. Then I started boiling the stickers off of my glass spice jars. Some came off much easier than others, but a utility knife and tea tree oil helped with the rest of the paper and gunk. While the jars were boiling, I sprayed the top of the lids black for one, uniform color.

** Tip #1: Once the jars are cleaned, wait to put the spices in until they are 100% dry. Even then, I suggest sticking a paper towel inside with a chopstick to get any stubborn moisture out of the corners.

** Tip #2: No need to spray the under side of the lids and in fact, it is probably better if you don’t. Let the lids dry for a day or two to let the fumes dissipate before refilling.

spice labels updated

This project is a prime example of the patience that I talk about in 5 Ways to Decorate on a Budget. If you have the patience to do this a little at a time, this is a $10-$15 project! All you need to buy is a label maker and spray paint. How amazing is that! If you are working on accumulating glass spice jars, just be sure to purchase new spices in glass from now on. You can eventually phase out your plastic jars.

It’s all the little details that really make your home feel like it was thoughtfully put together and will help you fall more and more in love with the space you are in.

kitchen view of spice rack

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