Fresh Eucalyptus Steaming
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Fresh Eucalyptus Steaming

When Chris and I were dating, he was shopping around for a gym and told me that he had once been a member of a luxury gym for two months. Somehow he had been convinced that the $300 monthly membership fee would be worth it. (!!) Turns out there was only one thing that lived up to the price, and it was the warm, eucalyptus-scented towels available after a steamy shower. Realizing that this was the most ridiculous reason to be a member of said gym, he promptly got a normal-person gym membership.

While he was off having crazy gym memberships, I was working as a floral designer for huge, installation-type weddings. Usually waist deep in floral and foliage (literally), events that were filled with eucalyptus or jasmine were pure perfume heaven! Between my experience in the shop and Chris’s feelings on eucalyptus towels (lol), it got me thinking, why don’t we have more eucalyptus in our home?! And not just for the visual side of it, but for that at-home, fresh eucalyptus steaming, aromatic spa feel.

The varietal I wanted to use for my little DiMauro Spa Project was spiral eucalyptus. As a florist, I can tell you that, hands down, spiral eucalyptus is definitely the most fragrant. (…and the most sticky! Wear gloves for super sensitive skin). Luckily, Trader Joe’s is on it, and they have both spiral and silver dollar eucalyptus, so I headed over to the grocery store and grabbed one bunch for $3.

Fresh Eucalyptus steaming - supplies needed
Are you ready for the easiest project ever?

Trim your eucalyptus into small pieces, strip the lower stems, and bundle them together with some natural string. Create a loop at the bottom with another piece of string for easy hanging. You are ready to get your bathroom a-steamin’ with this bundle of aromatic goodness. Hang the greens upside down in your shower, out of the stream of the water, and breathe in all the holistic goodness that comes from fresh eucalyptus steaming.

Fresh eucalyptus steaming - cutting and bundling the sprigs.

From what I hear, the steam from your shower will help activate the oils (aka the smell) in the eucalyptus and can help with decongestion, headaches, stress, etc. Totally on board with all of that, but also…I just like the smell. Luxury gyms, you got nothing on us here at the DiMauro Spa.

Fresh eucalyptus steaming - full bathroom
Stay tuned later this month for “Small Space Decorating.” Meanwhile, find these long, skinny baskets here. We had to hunt for something with the right dimensions and the right price point.

The scent of the fresh eucalyptus steam was AMAZING for the first few weeks. While it has gotten less fragrant over the past two months, it is still noticeable when its hot and steamy.

Now get your bathroom good and steamy, light a candle, grab a glass of wine and jump in the bath for some major relaxation. Enjoy your new at home spa!

Fresh eucalyptus steaming in the shower

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