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DIY Lollipops with Edible Flowers

When summer arrived, so did all of the DIY inspiration. I mean, all of it. With the return of parties and celebrations I did my best not to let all of the creative opportunities float by, even in the midst of moving. I have been waiting to make these DIY lollipops for quite some time and when my good friend announced her baby shower for her baby girl, it seemed like the perfect occasion!

packaged DIY lollipops

If you are hoping to create something for a party or get together that feels incredibly handmade, and is extremely easy, these lollipops will be your jam, and everyone will be ultra impressed that you made them.

Here is what you will need:

supplies for DIY lollipops

A Note on Edible Flowers

I bought my fresh edible flowers from a local organic farmer’s market to be sure they were certified food grade and I wasn’t buying something poisonous by accident. Please take your flower selection seriously! Not all flowers are edible and some could make you very sick. I also recommend buying something organic as you do not want to be ingesting pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Often, places like Whole Foods or local organic shops will carry edible flowers. Just give them a call and ask if they have any in stock. I used fresh flowers, but my guest is that dried flowers would work even better. I’ve seen these on Etsy and Amazon, but again, do your research on the safety of what you are ingesting before trusting a stranger on the internet!

Let’s get makin’ some DIY lollipops!

First, preheat your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your flowers or petals face down in your silicone lollipop mold, keeping in mind that they will shrink considerably in the oven. I also tried a couple with fresh mint leaves, and they did not turn out (they turned brown), so let me save you the trouble on that one. I found that the petals or flowers tend to move and spread out as the candy melts, so don’t be disappointed if they don’t stay right where you put them.

Place a stick in each lollipop mold, making sure that it is high enough in the lolly to secure the stick in place once the candy has melted. Unwrap and place two hard candies in each mold, on top of the flowers. You will need to add a third candy halfway through baking to fill out each mold.

Place your silicone mold in the oven for 40-60 minutes, twisting the sticks about half way through to be sure that they get completely coated with the melted candy and won’t later fall out of your DIY lollipops. I decided to place my mold on a cookie sheet for added stability as I took it in and out of the oven. This isn’t necessary, but it worked well for me.

Cool Baby, Cool

Now all that is left to do is let your DIY lollipops cool completely and then package them up! Don’t get impatient. Let them sit for longer than necessary before packaging them into their cellophane bags and twist ties or they might be syrupy. (Maybe 45 minutes to 1 hour.)

Once cool, serve right away or keep in a very cool place. I learned in my non air conditioned apartment in mid August, that these will start to melt if they are not kept cool or enjoyed immediately, so learn from me!

That’s all folks! I hope you and your little flower lollies are the talk of the town at your next birthday party, baby shower or girls lunch. These little mint lollipops are cute, refined, and taste great too!

DIY Lollipops

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